At Ittaq we seek to mobilize knowledge into action. We do this in a number of ways, from providing resources and services to our community, to supporting educational programs for youth such as Elder-youth land camps, as well as science camps and cultural camps.

One example of turning knowledge into action includes our new Clyde River Knowledge Atlas project that will make a wide range of knowledge and information available to our community members and decision makers. Other examples include environmental monitoring efforts such as sea ice monitoring and weather information for our local hunters through the Clyde River Weather Station Network.

We work with other organizations in our community such as our Hamlet Office, Elders Committee, and Ilisaqsivik to identify local needs and carry out projects that matter most to our community.  We prioritize Inuit knowledge, language, skills, and values. We work on heritage and media projects that not only preserve our knowledge, but share it, celebrate it, and keep it living and thriving.

At Ittaq we are committed to providing resources, tools, leadership, training opportunities, support, and services that empower our community members to reach our goals and dreams.