Welcome to ITTAQ

Ittaq specializes in Inuit design and leadership of heritage, media, and research activities in the community and surrounding areas of Clyde River, Nunavut.  We work with Elders, youth, and local experts, as well as visiting professionals, to carry out high-quality projects that benefit our community and other Nunavummiut.  We offer a broad range of expertise and services to support heritage, media, and research activities through our strong relationships in the community and resources found at our building and media centre.  

Latest news

1 November 2015

Ittaq is proud to receive a new funding award from Tides Canada to support research on Clyde River’s marine environment. The funding will support an Ittaq-led project that will bring together... read more

1 November 2014

Ittaq staff and filmmaker Mike Jaypoody took home top prize at the 2014 Yellowknife Film Festival for Tony, Back from the Brink which won Best Feature Documentary.  We are so proud of Mike, and... read more