Adapting the Community Readiness Model (CRM) for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Education and Screening with Inuit Communities Developing Strategies for HIV Prevention with Community Input & Collaboration.

HIV infections are a real threat for Inuit communities, and since every community is different, we are not sure how ready communities are in dealing with HIV. The main purpose of this research is to help Inuit communities identify how ready they are to deal with HIV infections with the community readiness model.

The Community Readiness Model (CRM) is a tool that can help communities determine how ready they are to deal with a specific issue. For this project, we are looking at initiatives that focus on HIV prevention, education and screening. Our research project aims to adapt, pre-test, and use the CRM to identify how ready three Inuit communities in Nunavut are to deal with HIV - Clyde River, Arviat, and Kugluktuk. 

Project leads: 
Audrey Steenbeek – Dalhouse University and Igah Sanguya – Clyde River Community Health Representative