Nunavummiut Food Security: Community-Scale Social and Economic Strategies

The focus of this research is to develop updated information on food production and sharing in the community. While harvesting studies were done by BRIA in the 1980s and the NWMB in the 1990s, those surveys were designed to provide information for wildlife management. Because of that, they ignored information that today is important to understanding food security and harvester support issues in Clyde River and throughout Nunavut.

This study will focus not only on what hunters catch, but how hunting fits into the full range of activities for the people of Clyde River. The research seeks to expand our understanding of Inuit food security with regard to traditional resources in order to present a fuller portrait of the role country food plays in the totality of the mixed market-traditional food system characteristic of Inuit communities today. It will also provide a two-year quantitative baseline that will enhance qualitative information on the harvesting system with regard to positive and negative effects of environmental, regulatory and economic factors.

Project leads: 
George Wenzel – McGill University