Starting in 2009, Ittaq along with local hunters and Elders partnered with researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University to initiate the Silalirijiit Project. This project links Inuit knowledge with climate science and environmental modeling to understand weather patterns and their changes in the Clyde River area.  Evaluating the nature and significance of weather changes in the Arctic requires an approach that merges different tools, methods, and ways of knowing. In Silalirijiit, a collaborative, multicultural, and multidisciplinary team of weather experts are exchanging skills and knowledge all with the common purpose of understanding the weather and how it is changing in this part of the Arctic.

The Clyde River Weather Network is part of the Silarlirijiit project.

Project leads: 
Esa Qillaq, Shari Fox – Ittaq, University of Colorado
2009 and ongoing