Sustainable Futures North

Sustainable Futures North (SFN) is a three-year National Science Foundation funded project focused on developing a better understanding of the interactions among: 1) food; 2) water; 3) energy security and 4) natural resource development in Arctic and Subarctic rural communities. SFN is made up of researchers and professionals in Canada and the United States who have experience in fields from documentary filmmaking to engineering in northern regions and will be learning from rural residents in Bristol Bay, Kotzebue Sound, and Baffin Island communities about their specific education and human resource needs. These needs and challenges will be combined with historical and climate data to answer these three questions: (i) how have historical changes in climate, environment, technology, and economic development affected environmental security in the study regions? (ii) How are modern changes such as climate warming and development affecting current and future environmental security? And (iii) to what extent does existing knowledge and infrastructure promote environmental security, and what gaps exist that can be addressed through new best practices?

Project leads: 
Philip Loring – University of Alaska Fairbanks