This is a good place to make the important point that our activities are not exclusively divided into research, heritage, media, and action. Indeed, all of these are included and blended in almost everything we do.

At Ittaq we work on diverse projects that celebrate and share Inuit cultural heritage. Many of the research and media projects we work on, as well as our collaborations with organizations like Ilisaqsivik and Piqqusilirivvik are related to heritage activities.

Over the years we have amassed a large collection of media related to heritage ranging from interviews with Elders, to video and photo documentation of our land, to video of land activities and land-based programs, to annual cultural camps. Some of our media work is available on DVD and we have also developed an online knowledge base related to Inuit dogs. Our new Clyde River Knowledge Atlas will bring together more of this work. We have done family tree studies, collected historic photographs from our region, and have a collection of Inuit print art from local artists. Promoting and strengthening the Inuktitut language is also of critical importance to us and we have worked on a number of programs related to Inuktitut, such as bringing Elders in to the K-12 school to teach proper Inuktitut terminology, to a new project at Ilisaqsivik that is exploring the development of an Inuktitut language immersion program.