We specialize in digital media and aerial imaging.

We use digital photography, video, and drones for a wide range of projects and activities — from original art and creative works, to mapping, to supporting science, research and monitoring.

For over a decade, we have used digital media to record the stories and knowledge of our Elders and empower Inuit to document and celebrate their language, culture and environment.

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Video: A quick view of some of our digital media and drone work in one minute and thirty-four seconds.

Multimedia supports and services

Robert Kautuk (left) delivering a drone training workshop in Clyde River in 2019. Gregory Joanas (right) practices his skills. Photo: Alex Taylor
Mike Jaypoody, Ittaq Research Committee member and filmmaker interviews Aisa Piungituq on the land. Photo: Robert Kautuk
  • Photography
  • Videography 
  • Aerial imaging and drone services
  • Aerial mapping
  • Post-production; editing
  • Multimedia and drone training and workshops
  • Logistics and field support for media production
  • Experience applying multimedia services to research and field projects

Links to some of Ittaq's multimedia work and productions

Mike Jaypoody, Ittaq Research Committee member and filmmaker on a visit to Nepal in 2014. Photo: Shari Fox
Robert Kautuk, photographer, researcher, drone pilot. Photo: Alex Taylor