We are guided by the knowledge of our Elders and we celebrate Inuit culture.


At Ittaq we use our research and multimedia skills to preserve, promote, strengthen and celebrate Inuit knowledge and culture.

We are proud of our language and our Inuit values and we strengthen these in our community through cultural and heritage activities.

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Video: A quick view of some of our culture and heritage activities in one minute and thirty-three seconds.

Culture and Heritage at Ittaq

Inuit culture, knowledge, language, and values guide everything we do at Ittaq.

Our culture and heritage activities include:

  • Land-based programming
  • Elder-youth camps and programs
  • IQ and oral history research
  • Placenames research 
  • Mapping of IQ and culturally significant sites and areas
  • Support for Ilisaqsivik and Elders Committee programs 
Our culture and heritage work helps to maintain hunting, dog teaming and other Inuit livelihoods. Photo: Aimo Paniloo
Our land-based programs run all year and are guided by the knowledge and advice of our Elders. Piujuq Iqaqrialu prepares bannock during a summer land camp. Photo: Shari Fox